Car preparation

It is important to buy or sell the right car, at the right price. However, it is just as important to care for and maintain the car both inside and out so that it appears presentable to the buyer. Just not everyone knows what to do. Also, not everyone has the professional preparation equipment needed to get the perfect result. There are many companies that offer car preparation for a small amount. Our experience is that; If you choose a discount preparation, then the task of selling the car is very difficult and it can end up giving a bigger discount in the price. The price for professional preparation at a preparation company is between DKK 3,500-5000. We can offer our commission customers professional preparation for only DKK 2,500. When your car arrives at, we are ready for everything,

Our preparation includes the following:

  • Car wash
  • Engine clean
  • Clean door seams and rims
  • Removal and cleaning of seats and carpets
  • Clean cabin and windows
  • Repair of varnish for scratches
  • Wax polishing of the car.